Occupant Training

First 5 Minutes Self Paced Online Fire and Evacuation Training for occupants (SPOT-OT) is designed to suit any size of business. Your compliance requirements are met with ease & minimal disruption of your business. Training is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, whenever it best suits your staff. The SPOT–OT product allows you to purchase training modules via credit card and issue a code to each staff member. The learner then uses the code to log on and conduct their training. Each staff member who completes their SPOT-OT module receives a certificate of completion of training and the associated compliance records are stored online for a period of two years, to meet statutory requirements. You are able to customise the SPOT-OT learning space to include your company brand and promote your diligent commitment to duty of care to your staff. SPOT- OT provides you with total control, with no contract to sign or ongoing fees to worry about.


Occupant Training - Select

The Select First 5 Minutes Self Paced Online Fire and Evacuation Training module is designed to meet the needs of SME and Government clients. It has all of the features of the SPOT- OT program with the added benefit of facilitating the more hands on management of compliance, which is often required by larger enterprises. The Select system manages the compliance of your staff on your behalf with notification and reminder emails, exception reporting, and the ability to rapidly upload the largest of employee record data bases. Each staff member who completes their Select SPOT-OT module receives a certificate of completion of training and these certificates can to be reprinted as required. SPOT-OT Select enables you to monitor current status as well as historical reporting. Employees who are no longer on staff are automatically removed, from your SPOT-OT learner list, should they remain inactive for a period of 2 years. A simple contract enables you to maintain compliance over whatever period of years is required with termination of the contract possible at any time. The Select product maintains records for a period of 7 years. Payment is enabled via credit card or you can request to have this solution invoiced. You will receive reminders when training is due and automated exception reporting will enable you to proactively maintain your ongoing compliance.

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